About Shannon

Shannon was raised in Jamestown, SC and is the daughter of Clayton & Deloris Kelly. She graduated from Macedonia High school. Shannon is also the graduate of the University of South Carolina and is a nurse educator in Columbia, SC. Currently, she is persuing a masters degree in nursing education at Walden University.

Nicole is the light of my life. She brightens my day when it seems as though I am in disarray. She is definitely my shining star. I want to wake up beside her every day whether she is smiling or frowning. If she cries, I want to be the one to wipe her tears. I cannot see myself without her in my life. She encourages me and is my #1 fan. I can count on her to believe in me even when I don't believe in myself. I am a better person today because of her and I look forward to spending the rest of my days here on earth with her by my side.


The Groom

Reginald was raised in Shulerville, SC and is the son of the late David H. Hill & Mary W. Hill. He graduated from Macedonia High school. Reginald attended South Carolina State University and is currently a service operator in Georgetown, SC.

There was a time that Reg was in love with me but I was too immature to embrace it. Through the years, I often wondered about the man who had the makings of a "good" husband. Although I almost lost him to another engagement, God saved this man just for me. Has it all been roses and smiles? Absolutely not. What it has been is a blessing from God. When I said no, HE said YES! I am thankful to HIM for allowing me to have a forgiving heart and accepting Reg back into my life. I have never been as happy as I am today and I can thank this wonderful, caring, loving man that would do anything for me for making me this way.


How we met

How did we meet? Well, it's a long story!

We have known each other for many years with Reginald being friends with Dexter (bride's brother). Our first personal relationship began more than 10 years ago as a friendship. Although we went our separate ways, we would run into each other from time to time during Shannon's visits home. During one such visit on April 7, 2008 for a funeral, Shannon woke up this particular morning thinking of Reg. This was a thought that surprised her as she was under the assumption that he was still engaged. Later that morning, Shannon discovered that Reg sent her an email several days previously! He stole her email address off of a group email. Shannon wondered if she would run into Reg at the funeral that day. As she waited in the church watching people pass by, she was alerted by her best friend that Reg was indeed there. As Shannon looked up at the front, she saw Reg walking through the church. He was dressed in a suit and through her eyes, he had a light behind him that shone as it never had before. It was in that moment that she knew he would be her husband. That night ended with a phone conversation that lasted more than 5 hours!!! The next day was our first date and we are still floating with that light guiding the way.









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